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Rebecca Pearl's Interview: A Clash of Styles — LIVEBLOGGING THE STYLE CURE
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This Style Cure is the incentive I need to finally get my act together and turn our underused guest room into a spacious playroom/bedroom for my four-year old daughter, Pearl. Her bed, clothes and toys are currently crammed into a teeny...

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The Bye Bye Blank Slate Bedroom Makeover — Makeovers: Bedroom Decorating Project
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Project from: Joy
Location: Boston

When I moved in with my husband two years ago, our condo was a blank slate of cream colored paint, bare walls, and uncovered windows. We set to work infusing the space with personality, working first...

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> ALGOT vents: Ceiling air outlet

Source from Ikea Hackers


Materials: ALGOT shelves

I needed a white metal supply air outlet for my HVAC system. Commercial items are usually rather expensive, nevertheless I did not find something I really liked for my environment. Then I stumbled upon a couple of Algot shelves at the as-is corner for €1 each, they were just perfect!


So I made a custom wood plenum (casement)...

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Halloween Party Must-Have: Photobooth Costumes — Maxwell Ursula's Mystical Magical Halloween Party
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Photo booths at Halloween parties are like water in the desert — a welcome respite from social dryness, and an instant boost for your crowd. Even if guests say they don't like having their photos taken, everyone lets go for a...

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