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Do People Really Buy Red Plates??? — Reader Survey
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As I look at all the offerings on tap entering our big entertaining season, I wonder WHO buys all the colored and patterned plates on offer. I get totally attracted to the color and pattern, BUT I've always thought that food...

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10 Posh Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating
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Let face it. Some of us — perhaps those without wee ones running around influencing our every holiday decorating move — just aren't into traditional jack-o'-lantern pumpkin carving. I'm even having a hard time embracing orange these days, what...

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Rachel Khoo is one of my favorite food creatives. She is a television personality, as well as a cookbook author, and has run her own one-table restaurant out of her little Paris kitchen (which happens to be the name of her third cookbook and her first television series!). I love the way she brings intimidating dishes down to earth, making them...

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The HOPEN dressers come with frosted glass door fronts on the drawers. These are translucent and the items inside the drawers can be seen.

While creating a black milk glass effect on an IKEA FYLLIG Vase, I had the idea to make a similar effect on my new HOPEN dressers. I had already fully assembled the 8 drawer dresser but had not yet put together...

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