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Jo's Understated Retro Rock Style

Advice is often helpful, but sometimes, when we're flooded with tips about what we should or could or need to do in our homes, we forget all the things that we're doing right. Here's...

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Whenever I hear people talking about fine art, I find they tend to focus most often on painting and drawing. But one of the things I wanted to do with this column was explore other areas of the fine art world like jewelry, ceramics and fiber art. I was first introduced to the world of textile and fiber art when I went down to Savannah to visit...

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An Airy Bohemian Home in Los Angeles

I can be a little bit color-averse when it comes to my home. I’m drawn towards greys, whites, metallics and wood tones. I think I’m scared of bringing in too much color because it just isn’t me. Of course, I love looking at colorful spaces and designs, and I’m inspired that we can all be impacted by color in different ways....

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