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Help Me Dress My Naked Floor Lamp? — Good Questions
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Q: With both mid century modern and copper so prominent in current homeware trends, I was beside myself with happiness to pick up this standing lamp base for £18 in a charity shop on my road. I'm impressed with its condition,...

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New Wooden House Extending Living Outdoors Salutes Modern Family Life

A new wooden house can invoke the fascination of rural life while compacting all the necessities of a modern family life within a sequence of spaces. Living in the city often means dreaming about a swimming pool and poolside terrace where the sunny seasons are sprinkled with happiness and precious family and friends time. And when the building you ...

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White Enamel Stainless Steel Flatware — Maxwell's Daily Find 09.30.14
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White Enamel Flatware from World Market

• $5.32 to $5.92 for set of four forks, spoons, or knives
World Market

Found by Faith over at The Kitchn, these are affordable showstoppers in a category that can easily set you back...

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Enchanting Farmhouse Design in the Heart of Texas by Magnolia Homes
Chip and Joanna from Magnolia Homes shared photos of their home with readers worldwide, which is how we found out about this enchanting farmhouse in Texas, United States. After moving from one dwelling to another, the couple decided on settling down and building their dream crib. They purchased a wrecked farmhouse and spent a year and a half...

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