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Window Treatment Ideas for Tiny, High Stained Glass Window? — Good Questions
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Q: I’m trying to figure out a good window dressing that will allow us to enjoy the stained glass when we want to, but be able to block it out for when we watch TV. I’m wondering if this is one...

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Materials: LAMPLIG trivet

I thought the LAMPLIG trivet would make a good tie rack for my husband.

I have a stud/beam in the middle of my closet and felt I needed to use it for something rather than it staying as dead space. The rack can also be placed on a wall or behind the closet door if you would like.

The hooks allow him to smoothly lift the rack...

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Paint Color To Go with Peach Tile? — Good Questions
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Q: Help! My boyfriend and I want to update our bathroom with a splash of paint (along with some new fixtures) but have no idea what colors will go well with the peach tile and dark granite countertop.



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