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How To Clean an Iron — Apartment Therapy Tutorials
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We've all been there: pressed for time (pun intended), forced to use our iron with a dirty plate, nervous that the precious few minutes we are taking to actually iron out the wrinkles might set us even further behind by the...

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Frugally Fab: Framed Wrapping Decorative Papers
Kristen F. Davis Designs handmade wrapping paper in an IKEA Ribba frame.
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Luckily there are plenty of outlets for affordable art these days and one of them may be in your own closet. That wrapping paper you drag out 10 minutes...

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World's Tallest Twin Towers Planned for Dubai — Design News
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There's a massive new development planned for the Dubai waterfront, and it includes what would be the world's tallest twin towers. The project will create 39,000 homes and 22 hotels....

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Coffee HideawayCoffee Hideaway

Materials: 18″ cabinet drawer, AKURUM High Cabinet, scrap Adel panels

Sliding drawer to hide coffee makers (or other small appliances)

Attached scrap Adel finish panels on right side to offset drawer
Screwed drawer slides to fixed cabinet shelf
Mounted scrap Adel panel with drawer hinges
Drilled hole in back of cabinet shelf to provide power

Coffee HideawayCoffee HideawayCoffee Hideaway

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