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Ready to Get Scared Straight? This is Your Brain On Phones — The Atlantic
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Everyone knows you're supposed to limit your screen time before bed, but do you really know why? It's more serious than you probably realize. Ready to be scared straight? Read on....

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On last week’s episode of Broad City (which, by the way, if you are not watching, stop what you are doing immediately and do so), we found our protagonists Abbi and Ilana falling into a trap that befalls many in today’s day and age — the inexplicable dissolution of time that happens when one falls down the black hole of The Internet. On...

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Future Design Trends: 7 Ideas From Up-and-Coming Designers — Ambiente 2015
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One of our favorite exhibits at Ambiente was the Talents exhibit, which featured over 30 up-and-coming or just-graduated designers (from 15 countries) showing off their ideas, projects and prototypes. Some were beautiful and some pushed the envelope of design. Can we...

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The space above a refrigerator is often overlooked and underused. It's not particularly accessible for oft-used items, but it's a shame to have the space go to waste, especially in a...

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