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You may have noticed the trend toward oversized artwork and photography. It may not be for everyone, but I think it's fabulous to be big and bold in your design choices. One huge piece will definitely take care of a single...

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Decision Fatigue: When Discussions Logistics Wear You Down
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Like the esteemed Homer J. Simpson, I'm often singin' what I'm thinkin', and I recently caught myself belting out a melancholy verse of "All we do is discuss things and driiiiiiive..."...

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Island Style: Design Essentials of the Caribbean Home
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The days are getting shorter, my hydrangeas are fading and autumn coffee drinks are already popping up on menus. Yup, these are sure signs that summer is winding to a close. So let's first journey to the Caribbean where...

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Shaping The Office Of The Future: Workspace Design Trends [Infographic]Over the last decades, we have been witnessing major transformations in the corporate mentality regarding workspace design. According to this infographic from Alliance Interiors, more changes are yet to come, as the office of the future will be less business-focused and more employee-oriented. As a result of switching from closed offices to open...

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