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A cool video from Maya on the versatility of the BEKVAM spice rack. If the video below does not play, please click this link to view it on youtube.

~ Maya

5 ways to use the BEKVAM5 ways to use the BEKVAM5 ways to use the BEKVAM

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10 Creative Ways to Paint Your Stairs
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If your home is more than one story and you are not able to leap ten feet in a single bound, you probably have a staircase. Maybe you resent your staircase because it is boring, or ugly. But instead of seeing...

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Improve Your Mood: How Your Home Can Cheer You Up
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You may not be able to control the grumps at your job, or all that traffic during your commute, but you absolutely can tweak you home so it's a mood-boosting machine. Make some strategic choices with your decor to help...

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Unassuming Family Residence Revealing An Architectural Surprise: Subiaco Oval Courtyard
Subiaco Oval Courtyard is the official name of a highly original residential project developed and implemented by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Subiaco, Australia. Seen from the street level, this family home is visually in tune with the character of the early 1900s federation era Subiaco architecture style, displaying pitched roofs, a...

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