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Encouraging Outdoor Living: Exquisite House Duk in South AfricaDesigned and defined by Nico van der Meulen Architects, the exquisite House Duk is a wonderful property that invites you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor living. Nested within a nature reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, it provides a large array of recreational possibilities and naturally, it encourages residents to embrace and explore...

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How McMansions Ruined America — Design News
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A thought-provoking piece in Salon this week delves into the history of grandiose suburban homes, and how they perpetuate a world of inequality and sprawl. It explores the beginnings of gated McMansion communities and the societal consequences, including wars over gas...

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We're On Tumblr! — Join Us for Daily Goodness
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Finally! We're super happy to announce that we've just launched an Apartment Therapy outpost on Tumblr . We'd love it if you join us! Check it out and follow along for all sorts of home design goodness everyday:

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Alyssa's 325 square foot apartment in New Haven is a pretty typical studio. But the way she's arranged it to distinguish different living spaces is what made it stand out when I was looking back through the 2011 Small Cool contest...

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