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Westerville, OH
Inspiration for my palette:
My parents visit often and I wanted a special place for them to retreat. In a house with two active boys, retreating...

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Jumbo Jet Offers Hostel Stays — Design News
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If you're visiting Sweden, you can get off your plane and stay in a plane. The Jumbo Stay Hostel just outside of Stockholm is a converted 1976 747 jet that has 27 rooms, including a luxury suite located in the cockpit.


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expedit standing desk2

Materials: Expedit 5×5 Bookshelf, Expedit cabinets and drawers, Expedit Casters (4 sets), Frosted glass panel

I saw this hack on a website previously about small space living and added a few touches of my own. Link here.

Only changes I made were:

1. Added frosted glass topper
2. The shelf what was not built in I placed on top of the level that...

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Let's Do This! Clean Out a Junk Drawer This Weekend — Apartment Therapy Weekend Project
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It's time for another Apartment Therapy Weekend Project , a bite-sized project you can easily tackle this weekend that will make life just a little bit better. Though drawers from the outside look sleek and clean, we bet many folks have...

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