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15 Quick Cute DIY Projects for Under $10
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Looking for some quick and cute design details to add to your home? You don't have to spend a ton of money buying accessories. If you are on a budget and want to get the pride of accomplishing something, try out...

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Dominic's Cozy 560 Square Foot West Hollywood Studio — House Call
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Name: Dominic
Location: West Hollywood, California

I always wanted to have my own place and after having the roommate experience, I've decided to get a place of my own. I wanted to be close to work and also in the neighborhood...

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Tell Us What You Want to Tackle! Give Us Feedback on Weekend Projects
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Earlier this year we tackled together! several home-bettering, bite-sized tasks over a few weekends with Apartment Therapy Weekend Projects . From finally hanging a piece of art , to organizing our junk drawers to cleaning out our fridges , the assignments...

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You've added curtains that block out that annoying street light. You've turned the temperature down in your bedroom. It was tough, but you've stopped surfing the web and scrolling through Instagram hours before bedtime....

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