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Our bathroom was in need of an update! We had the original counter top, sink from 1961. While some may like mid century modern, it is not our favorite. We couldn’t do a new vanity because the cabinet is built in over some stairs and would need to be custom built.



I decided to give the built in cabinet a face-lift instead.
I tore out...

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Alison's Style Scouting: In Which My Dad Sits In A Womb Chair For The Very First Time — Liveblogging the Style Cure
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"It's not comfortable." "It's famous Dad, it's called the Womb Chair." "Oh... wait... am I sitting in it upside down?" Welcome back to the great Dad and Daughter Style Cure for 2014. This week, I went on a treasure hunting expedition...

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The Ultimate Guide to Halloween: Decorations, Costumes, Party Craft Ideas
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Here's everything, and we mean EVERYTHING you need to get inspired for Halloween. It's a collection of some of our greatest holiday ideas and finds for decorations, costumes, parties and crafts — all in one place. Check it out and make...

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