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Weekend Meditation: Find What Feels Good Around the House
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There's a yoga teacher who's motto is "Find what feels good." It certainly applies to listening to your body as you move and contort it (into sometimes awkward positions), but I can't help but think it applies to life at home,...

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Elegantly Connected: EMMA and EMILY Padded Chair Designs by Färg Blanche
Swedish-French design duo Färg & Blanche has come up with two elegant padded chair designs for Swedish furniture brand Gärsnäs. EMMA (depicted in the first two photos below) is a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that “speaks the language of craftsmanship picking up the gauntlet. The needlework here involves both form and function,...

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125 DIY Ideas for the 3-Day Weekend
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It's turned into a bit of a Labor Day tradition around here - we send you off on this pre-long-weekend Friday with a BIG list of ideas to inspire you to get a little creative during your bit of extra downtime...

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Which Cities Have the Dirtiest Hotels? — Design News
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A survey of booking portal's 6 million users has determined which cities have the cleanest and dirtiest hotel rooms. Tokyo topped the clean list, with a score of 8.93 of 10, with Warsaw coming in second. For dirtiest, Rio de...

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