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The BEKVÄM step stool gets pretty with washi tape  

IKEA items used: BEKVÄM step stool

Other supplies needed:

  • Journal or plastic protection (for paint spraying)
  • White colour spray paint
  • Washi tape (also called masking tape) – use any types and width you like and looks great together
  • Mod podge or other decoupage medium
  • Paint brush
  • DIY steps


1. Clean your step stool. Remove dust to have a clean ...

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House on Lac Grenier

Paul Bernier Architecte completed House on Lac Grenier, a sustainable, innovative residence on a lakefront site in Estérel, Canada.  The construction responds to its surroundings with natural bends and openings, nestled lengthwise between a creek and steep slope.

Cedar flats surrounding the exterior are placed in an openwork manner that mirrors the...

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Extra deep RIBBA frame

On my recent trip to Papua New Guinea I bought a tribal necklace. Dusty and dirty, I saw same potential in it. Having seen the necklaces being sold in UK for 475 £, the price of 30 £ I paid for the item was a bargain. And, I probably overpaid two or three times the right price.

I pondered two options: to make a stand for it or to frame it to be...

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You’d have to live under a rock not to know how important it is to drink water — and plenty of it — every day. But I must confess: I don’t like it. It’s not as though I think it tastes terrible; I just find quaffing enough of it endlessly monotonous. To be fair, I come by my ambivalence honestly; I was born into a family of camels. I don’t recall a...

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